Nina Rusakova


 Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Bala Yoga (Power Yoga), Vakrasana (Yoga for Back problems), Yoga for Women's.  

Born  (1972) and raised in Moscow (Russia) . Education - Moscow  Medical School (doctor  of ambulance).

At age 25, emigrated with her family to Spain.

Gradually came to yoga, after  Christianity (lived for a time in Optina Hermitage (Kaluga- Russia) and Monastery of St. John of Kronstadt in St. Petersburg), practices of Karlos Kastaneda, Reiki and more. Graduated from art school, write poetry and short stories, a photographer during 20  years , for  10 years  studied Arabic belly dance (in Seville - Spain)

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Intars Irbe

Int1 Copy

Skilled and specialized, Yoga Teacher (Hatha Yoga, Bala Yoga - power yoga, Vakrasana - yoga for back problems), Ayurvedic Massage (Champi, Meru Danda Chikitsa), Professional consultation service of Vaastu Shastra.

Originally hailing from Latvia he has born in 1980 and raised in a small province called Gulbene (out of city, close to nature). Intars has skilled as a Judo coach (1st Dan), Sport Teacher in Latvian Sport Academy of Sport Educations (BA grade) 1998-2003. As a next step Intars has been offered his first job to work as a Judo coach at “VZDS Judo Club” in Latvia completing that with 2 years experience of coaching Judo for children and adults.

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