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Vastu Benefits in modern times

  • 28 Apr
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Vastu Shastra benefits everyone. This science touches every aspect of human life.Vastu homes offer a healthy and secure life, a protection from emotional traumas and a meaningful existences for the household.

 A Family will have a feeling of peace and harmony, good income, great social and personal life, recognition in professional fields, and a strong family bond. Vastu can be used by the business world to enhance their employees’ productivity  and increase their sales and productivity. It can improve relationships between co-workers, between management and workers, between organizations and their clients.Vastu planning can also benefit places of worship, meditation and yoga centers, and educational institutes and create an ambience of harmony, balance and tranquility to promote learning, inner peace and quick healing of the chakras and pranic energy.Even finances.  Finances are highly sensitive to Vastu changes, and it is possible to manipulate building designs to ensure healthy financial conditions.

Vastu Benefits to the Individuals

Vastu benefits are immense and permanent, they doesn’t change with the changes in advancement. Some enumerated benefits of Vastu Shastra are:

a)    Physical – good health, comfort, convenience achieved by paying attention to place, ventilation, colour, design, material, element and direction, brings you harmony and fulfillment.

b)    Psychological benefits – improving well-being, improvisation of relationships inwardly and outwardly, unlocks the tensions, reduce stress levels, improve health.

c)    Spiritual benefits – strengthens the moral  values within the human being and provides inner satisfaction. It awakens the understanding of life and death. It also provides happiness, peace of mind, mental satisfaction, restful and refreshing sleep. 

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