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  This Yantra contains Shree Yantra, Swastik, 91Pyramid & Tortoise ABOUT SHREE YANTRA  The Sri Yantra is one of humankind's most ancient symbols and represents the goddess Shri or Lakshmi, who is the embodiment of abundance in all its aspects. Lakshmi traditionally is thought to have eight forms, ashtalakshmi: financial prosperity, the wealth of excellent health, fame, the foundational wealth of spiritual knowledge, abundance of food and needs being met, love and rewarding relationships, courageous integrity, and success in all your endeavors. It also represents the union of the Masculine Divine and the Feminine Divine, as is seen in its symbolic structure of interlocking upward- and downward-pointing triangles. For many millennia the Sri Yantra has been used to invoke good fortune, wealth, health, and as an aid for meditation. Shree Yantra has a mysterious power, full of magic & called as origin point of hidden powers. The hidden powers of this yantra generated non-visible rays which gives good effect on our life & business.  SWASTIK YANTRA Swastik is a symbol of God Ganesha PYRAMIDS It represents to Deity Vastu. Pyramid energizise its positive effects in its surroundings. It removes Vastu Dosh of house, shop, office or factory etc,  TORTOISE Tortoise represents for long life. At the time of "samundra manthan" Lord Vishnu takes avatar as a Tortoise for keeps Meru Parvat on Kachap Avatar's back. It is also known as Kachap Yantra.


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