Create a harmonious environment that supports your health, happiness, prosperity and fulfilment through Tulsi Vidya consulting services. 

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Signs that you need help from Tulsi Vidya:

01Health problems, mental stress, hard to concentrate  

02Sleep problems, tiredness or restless 

03Relationship problems, betwween couple, family or friends 

04Financial problems, money loose, over spendings or debt 

05Career, job or business

06General bad luck, hard to maintain cleanness


If you are suffering from any of these problems, please contact us.

123Intars Irbe
(Yoga teacher,  Vaastu Consultant)
 Has been studying and practicing  Vaastu  for 5 years. Diplomated  Vaatsu consultant. Continuously is studying Vedas, practicing Yoga and Mediation. Using Vedic knowledge’s in real life.
Nina Rusakova
(Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Diet)

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