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Sales price without tax: 70,00 €
Sales price: 70,00 €


If you plan to buy a house or land with a house for development , an apartment , or if you choose an apartment lease, then Express Vaastu consultation help you choose the most favorable option .
During the express advice I propose to consider up to 3 estate options between which you make the choice. For each of the options is estimated level of positive vaastu, major vaastu defects , as well as their potential correction.
Also Express Advice can be applied to your existing property . I'll give you a rapid analysis with main vastu defects and recommendations as they adjust to harmonize your home.
Usually express consultation takes about 2 hours . Format consultation - by phone / Skype or email .
For express consultation is necessary:
• The exact address of the apartment / house / land
• Floor plan / house / land
• Pictures of the apartment / house / land

Your home environment impacts every aspect of your life. Correcting imbalances in your environment can bring you harmony, peace and success in all your endeavours.

All prices are excluding the corrective tools, yantras and pyramids.   For onsite appointment for home and/or office, please contact Intars +34 689 394 965  We are in Marbella, Spain


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