Vaastu for business

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Sales price without tax: 150,00 €
Sales price: 150,00 €


Vaastu correction for business You get detailed recommendations on the harmonization of facilities and buildings used in your business. These data will provide the most optimal way to distribute the functionality of all premises , arrange staff and clients , to make the necessary permutations , make repairs , perform the installation images, devices and items vastu .
Vaastu correction also allows you to create an optimal assignment for the design project and the architectural project .
Vaastu correction is made for offices, shops , restaurants and cafes , educational and training centers , offices, warehouses and shopping centers , industrial facilities , infrastructure .
BusinessVaastu Correction for Business includes:
  • Calculation of the favorable energy vaastu in the facility at the time of the analysis (in%)
  • Calculation of the favorable energy vaastu at the facility after the corrective measures (in%)
  • Plan object oriented to the cardinal points , with the application of Vaastu sectors , the center of the object ( Brahma- bindu ) Non sectors
  • Plan object superimposed energy grid vastu
  • Plan object overlay compass to calculate the level of favorable energy vaastu coming through the doors and windows
  • Plan object deposited sensitive points ( marma points )
  • Plan object overlay Vaastu Purusha Mandala -
  • Plan with the application object managers planets and demigods Elements
 • List of major defects Vastu and their potential impact on business and other aspects of the business owners and managers
 • Report on the diagnosis object to 31 , 64 or 137 indicators ( aspects ) vaastu describing the ideal characteristics of each indicator , the current state of the premises / buildings on each of the indicators and recommendations for the improvement and adjustment of each indicator
• A list of corrective measures to neutralize the detected defects
• Recommendations for harmonization of energy Elements
• Recommendations on the use of colors
• Recommendations by Functionality Improvement
• Recommendations for positioning personnel
• Recommendations for the arrangement of furniture and equipment in locations managers , key employees , customer areas and other important spaces
• Plan with the location of the object recommended corrective items
Project preparation period is from 3 to 7 working days.
All prices are excluding corrective tools , yantra and pyramids .


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