Vaastu for house with a plot

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Sales price without tax: 180,00 €
Sales price: 180,00 €


The project Vaastu house with a plot you get detailed recommendations on the harmonization of their home. These data will make the necessary excavation and Landscaping , construction , repair, relocation and installation of furniture items vastu ( yantra, meru chakra, vaastu pyramid ) as well as images, symbols and devices (such as paintings, sculptures and decorative fountains and waterfalls for home) the best possible way .
Vastu design house with a plot includes:
• Calculation of the favorable energy vaastu house at the time of analysis ( in %);
• Calculation of the favorable energy vaastu house after corrective measures ( in %);
• List of major defects in the home and vastu on the site and their possible impact on residents;
• A list of corrective measures to neutralize the detected defects ;
• Recommendations for harmonization of energy Elements on site;
• Recommendations for harmonization of energy Elements in the house ;
• Recommendations on the use of colors in the house ;
• Report on the diagnosis of the house with section 64 or 137 indicators ( aspects ) vaastu description of the ideal characteristic of each indicator , the current state of space for each of the indicators and recommendations for the improvement and adjustment of each indicator ;
• A plot plan oriented to the cardinal points , with the application sectors Vaastu center portion missing sectors;
• House plan oriented to the cardinal points , with the application sectors Vaastu center of the house , missing sectors;
• A plot plan and home energy grid overlay vaastu ;
• A plot plan and houses with deposited sensitive points ( marma points );
• House plan overlay Vaastu Purusha Mandala ;
• House plan with drawing control planets and demigods Elements ;
• Plan site and home to the location of the recommended corrective actions - mirrors, yantras , vaastu pyramid , meru chakra etc.
Development of the project does not require out vastu consultant on the subject. All necessary materials can be sent via email or Skype.
Animation 4For project Vastu for home or cottage with land must submit:
• Accurate floor plan of the house showing all inputs, the main entrance , windows, terraces, balconies and extensions , the functionality of all the premises , location plate , boiler , boiler , fireplace , stairs, pantries . sinks, bathrooms, toilets , beds, cabinets, refrigerator , washing machine and dishwasher , trash .
• The exact address of the house / cottage or a screenshot of Google maps with marked her home
• Plan for the site on which the house is located , showing the location of streets and driveways to the site fence , gates and entrances to the site , gates, parking area , garage , all water bodies , including well, well , swimming pools, ponds , spas, greenhouses, flower beds , gardens and flower beds, septic tanks , compost , garbage, barn, fire facilities , including barbecues / fires and burning garbage tanks , facilities for children to play , tall trees , and all residential and commercial buildings on the site.
• Photos of the side streets, photos of all entrances to the area , photo area from different angles , pictures of the house and rooms inside the house from different angles.
Preparation time for report of project Vastu for house with a plot from 7 to 15 business days.
 Your home environment impacts every aspect of your life. Correcting imbalances in your environment can bring you harmony, peace and success in all your endeavors.
All prices are excluding the corrective tools, yantras and pyramids.



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