Vaastu for the Apartment

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Sales price without tax: 90,00 €
Sales price: 90,00 €


As a result, for the Vaastu project for  Apartment, You get detailed recommendations on the harmonization of their homes with the help of Vastu . These data will make the necessary rearrangement of furniture , repair and instal images, devices and vaastu tools ( yantra, puja, vaastu pyramid ) the best possible way 
Vaastu for the Apartment includes :
• Calculation of the favorable energy of vaastu in apartment at the time of the analysis (in%)
• Calculation of the favorable energy of vaastu in apartment after corrective measures (in%)
• List of major defects in vaastu apartment and their possible impact on residents
• A list of corrective measures to neutralize the detected defects
• Recommendations for harmonization of energy Elements
• Recommendations on the use of colors
• Report on the diagnosis of apartments 31 , 64 or 137 indicators ( aspects ) vaastu
• Floor plan oriented to the cardinal points , with the application sectors Vastu center apartments ( Brahma- bindu ) Non sectors
• Floor plan overlay energy grid vaastu
• Floor plan overlay compass to calculate the level of favorable energy vastu coming through the doors and windows
• Floor plan and bears the sensitive points ( marma points )
• Floor plan overlay Vaastu Purusha Mandala
• Floor plan with drawing control planets and demigods Elements
• Floor plan with the location of the recommended corrective actions - mirrors, yantras , vaastu pyramid , measure chakra etc.
It is no need necessary  for visit of the object consultation can done ONLINE . All necessary materials can be sent via email or Skype.
Aim Of Vastu ShastraIn order to make the project Vastu for apartments must submit:
 • Accurate apartment plan showing the location of plates , bowls , bathroom, toilet , entrance doors , windows , beds, cabinets, refrigerator , washing machine and dishwasher , trash .
 • Exact address of the building where there is a room .
 • The apartment building is necessary to clarify how focused apartment in the building where the windows and how is relatively   flat entrance porch
 • Photos of the front door , the entrance to the staircase , inside the apartment premises photos from different angles , photographs of all kinds of apartment windows .
Correcting the imbalance in your apartment will give you more effective in your day , success and happiness in your life .

Project preparation period is from 3 to 7 working days.

All prices are excluding the corrective tools, yantras and pyramids.



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