Aim Of Vaastu Shastra

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The co-ordination of 5 elements of the nature Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space with the Human activities and how to manage and use to natural forces solar power, magnetic power and gravitational power with human life is the main destination of Vaastu Shastra ( knowledge). 

By the use of five elements of nature and natural forces native gets physical power, mental strength and be refresh due to that native gets satisfaction and he goes on the rout of property and development in his life.

Four Purusharthas - Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha


The four purusharthas or goals of human life are 1. Dharma (righteousness, duty and moral order) 2. Artha (wealth and prosperity) 3. Kama (wordly desires) 4. Moksha (liberation) The ancient hindus never neglected any aspect of human life. The four goals or endeavors of human life constitute the roadmap for a happy life on earth and beyond. Let us try to understand each of the goals briefly: 1. Dharma is the foundation and first of the four human goals. Dharma refers to moral duties, obligations and conduct, namely, vidhis(do's) and nishedhs(dont's). Dharma is always given a highest importance, in Ramayana, Rama himself represented the Dharma and was crowned as a King. In Mahabharat, Krishna himself crowned the Dharma roopa Yugishtir as King. 2. Artha, is the second goal of life for the householder for the attainment of wealth and material prosperity. The efforts or means to realizing this goal must have a righteous and moral basis. It must be based on dharma or lawful means. 3. Kama, is the fulfillment of biological, physical and material desires. The householder is instructed by the shastras to legitimately fulfill his or her wordly desires in accordance with the canons of dharma. Artha & Kama are important goal for the growth and progress of society. 4. Moksha means liberation form the web of maya, freedom from the cycles of birth and death, and the experiences of divine happiness. This is the ultimate goal of human life. It is achieved through taking the refuge of God or a God-realized guru. Through the guru's grace one becomes free from the bondage or maya, and is blessed with self-realization and God-relalization. At the running time we have developed and prosper science, knowledge's, technique in every fields surrounding everywhere. Nevertheless native face lot of problems and not satisfied than previous time.

Tensions and unsatfaction is a part of life and the main reason behind of it is our artificial life style to days life style, native are ignoring nature and rush away from The nature and forget this important thing. Nature is a center of unlimited and immortal power of universe and the friend of human life. According to vedic rishis (primitive). Nature has unlimited power and it is omnipresent and omnipotent that's why nature is a main creature as well as destroyer. Nature is developer and abstractor.

This knowledge tells us how to use the natural powers, magnetic, gravitational and solar power. In construction of a building with vastu rules and principles with logic. In the same manner Vastu Shastra (Knowledge) tells us how to use five elements of nature and natural forces in human life and gets maximum benefit by the knowing of this knowledge we go the route of success and satisfaction with convenience and safety by nature and environments and that is the main destination of Vastu Shastra.

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