Skilled and specialized, Yoga Teacher (Hatha Yoga, Bala Yoga - power yoga, Vakrasana - yoga for back problems), Ayurvedic Massage (Champi, Meru Danda Chikitsa), Professional consultation service of Vaastu Shastra.

Originally hailing from Latvia he has born in 1980 and raised in a small province called Gulbene (out of city, close to nature). Intars has skilled as a Judo coach (1st Dan), Sport Teacher in Latvian Sport Academy of Sport Educations (BA grade) 1998-2003. As a next step Intars has been offered his first job to work as a Judo coach at “VZDS Judo Club” in Latvia completing that with 2 years experience of coaching Judo for children and adults.

After spending 6 years in Martial arts following at the age of 24 years old he has immigrated to London and gradually came to understanding Yoga. In 2009 Intars has successfully completed “The American Institute of Vaastu”. Continuously studying Vedas, practicing Yoga, mediation and using Vedic knowledge’s in real life. After 6 years of practicing Yoga, decided to take him self to next level as a teacher. In 2013 summer after 1 month intensive Sadhana (Spiritual practice) become International Yoga teacher. Successfully completing The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center. (Certified by the worldwide Yoga Alliance for the 200 hours)

“Vaastu Shastra” is an ancient art and science containing principles and practices of constructing buildings that ensures a harmonious balance between man and nature, thereby bring all round happiness, health, wealth and prosperity.

The word Yoga means “union” or “yoking together.” The four main systems: Raja Yoga (control over the mind), Karma Yoga(selfless activity), Jnana Yoga(yoga philosophy) and Bhakti Yoga(transformation of emotions into devotion). Yoga works from the inside out to improve our emotional and mental state by affecting the organic biology that conditions mood, it also works from the outside in. When you practice yoga properly, you create the conditions for becoming absorbed in the moment. The breath, the movement, the concentration, the flow, the conscious relaxation—all of these together create the possibility of entering a very powerful realm, the moment of integrated functioning. Now days his main aim is to make people understand things more deeply and share his knowledge with people in need using Vedic sciences and practicing Yoga and at more intensive level following Sanatana Dharma (It is a code of ethics, a way of living through which one may achieve Moksha - enlightenment, liberation). I am teaching simple classical true Yoga no modern mixtures.

“Knowledge is vital for progress and prosperity.” (C)

Languages: Latvian, Russian, English and Spanish

T: (+34) 689 394 965 

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